Academy Management Software, BPA

Academy Management Software, BPA

Client: Bangladesh Police Academy (BPA)

Academy Management Software, LMS (Learning Management System), KOHA (Library Management System), Active Directory, Share-point and MS Exchange for Bangladesh Police Academy (BPA) under the "India - Bangladesh friendship project".

Academy Management Software: The Application Software has the following features:-

  • Administrative Management
  • Notice Management
  • Academic Calendar Management
  • PIMS or HRM
  • Trainee Management
  • Staff Panel
  • SMS Notification
  • Academic and Performance Evaluation
  • Attendance Management
  • Class-Routine Management
  • Exam-Routine Management


Learning Management System(LMS):  Open-source Moodle based Learning Management System. The system has the following features:-

  • Customized Dashboard
  • Customized Theme
  • Course Category, Course Sub-category, Courses, Course base participants
  • Course based content upload
  • Search option
  • Course based Quiz and Examination
  • Upload and Download private files
  • Academic calendar
  • User create or upload option, User permission or enrollment
  • Site Administration
  • Student and Teacher Collaboration
  • User Logs
  • Mobile apps


Library Management System(KOHA):  Open-source KOHA based Library Management System. The system has the following features:-

  • Circulation
  • Patrons
  • Advanced Search
  • Private list, Public list
  • Cataloging
  • Tools to manage patrons and circulation tools
  • LMS/Koha administration
  • Reports


Active Directory, Share-point and MS Exchange: The system should have following features:-

  • Active Directory: Domain controller, Windows domain networks, Windows Server operating systems as a set of processes and services. Group base user control, Role management, Four(4) types of password policy management, User access control, Device access control, Installation and Un-installation control, Disc Management control
  • Share-point: Web-based collaborative platform that integrates with Microsoft Office User Access, document management and storage system File or folder create, upload, download, share,
  • MS Exchange: Configure Mail Server and Mail Calendar with Zimbra Collaboration Suite.

Status: Complete

We have also designed & Developed Bangladesh Police Academy (BPA) website.