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School-University Management

School-University Management

Educational ERP/Automation

To meet the demand of the time and to run an educational institute efficiently and effortlessly, the R&D team of Desktop IT has worked tirelessly for the last five years and came up with an institute based "Digital Education". Which is capable of operating any type of educational institutes like schools, colleges, and universities.

Our "Digital Education" is Different and unique when compared to others in the market. Our software focuses on the learning management aspect of students whereas others focus on the ERP aspect. Our Smart Student Management System offers an array of features such as Online Education System, Administrative management, General Accounts, Dormitory Management, Library Management, HRM, Archives, Dynamic User Interface, Alumni Portal, and many others.

Features at a Glance

  • Academic Management System
  • Admission Management
  • Biometric Attendance
  • Online fees Payment System
  • Result Management
  • Testimonials and Certificates
  • SMS Notification
  • General Accounts
  • Library Management System
  • Dormitory Management
  • Transport Management
  • Reports

Academic Management System

  • Students can Access Our Online Education System from any kind of devices like Mobile, Tab, Laptop, and Desktop Computer.
  • Offers Mobile app for both android and IOS devices.
  • Flexible array of course resources - Book, File, Folder, IMS content package, Label, Page, URL.
  • Highly customizable course design with multiple content management like Text, Image, Audio, Video, and PowerPoint.
  • Flexible array of course activities - Assignment, Chat, Choice, Database, External tool, Feedback, Forum, Glossary, Lesson, Quiz, SCORM package, Survey, Wiki, Workshop, Zoom meeting.
  • Online live class
  • Quiz bank creation option for future exam paper set.
  • Online Examination with Multiple Question option with Multiple choice, True/False, Matching, Short answer, Numerical, Essay, Calculated multichoice, calculated simple, Drag and drop into text, Drag and drop markers, Drag and drop onto the image, Embedded answers (Cloze), Random short-answer matching, Select missing words.
  • The automatic grading system for all types of multiple-choice, True/False and Matching, and short questions.
  • Exam time limit settings and automatic exam paper submission after the scheduled time of exam.
  • Interactive relation with teachers and students through chat groups and forum tools.
  • Automatic notifying users about relevant activities.
  • Multiple progress tracking options with Activity completion tracking system.
  • Details grade report with Grade setting, Letter grade settings, Merit List, Import and Export grades in CSV & Excel format.
  • Students can check their grades regularly so that, they can be aware of their progress.
  • Embed external resources, Simple add-ons, and manage plugins.
  • Manage user roles and permissions and Secure authentication and mass enrolment.

Administrative Management

  • Online Admission Management: Students can apply for admission through the website and pay their admission fees. Admission results can be prepared through our system and can later be published on the website.
  • Student Management system: Manage all the activities of students like Class & Session wise attendance, Admission, ID Card, Class Routine, Exam Routine, Fee collections, Admit Card, Subject wise mark distributions, Input mark, generate a result with merit list, Mark sheet, Tabulation sheet, testimonials & Certificate, SMS notification and many more.
  • Biometric attendance: Real-time biometric attendance with a smart attendance device and RFID card or Fingerprint.
  • Online Fees collection: Collect student fees online through all kinds of online payment gateway like mobile banking, online banking, credit & debit card and it can be transferred to the institute’s bank account automatically.
  • Result, Mark Sheet, Tabulation Sheet: Dynamic system for Subject wise mark distribution and grade settings. The teacher can input subject-wise marks for students. After approval of Head Examiner Result with Merit list, individual mark sheet and tabulation sheet can be generated automatically.
  • Human Resource Management: Consists of a Human resource management system for management of Institute employee daily attendance, Leave, Salary.
  • General Accounts: Institute can get their general accounts reports according to their income and expenses.
  • Library management System:Institute can manage all the books available in their library. They can arrange their books by category and Book name. Librarian(s) can track issued, returned
  • Hostel/Dormitory Management: Comes with a Hostel/Dormitory Management system capable of allocating, assigning, managing seats for the Hostel/Dormitory of an institute.
  • Transport management:If an institute offers a transport facility, then, it can also be managed via our system. Our system offers route management, vehicle assignment management, etc.

Institute Website and Alumni Portal

  • Dynamic Web Portal: There is a dynamic web portal included in this Smart Student Management System. Through this portal, teachers, staff, students, and parents can easily exchange information. The syllabus, class routine, examination routine any kind of notice and result can be given posted here. Students can apply online for admission, pay their fees through the Online Payment gateway in this portal. There are also photo and video galleries, academic calendars, and much more.
  • Alumni Portal: For the Alumni Students there is a dynamic Alumni Portal with Member registration and online payment. The Alumni portal also offers member details, notice board, photo gallery, event management, and much more.

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